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Sustainable Travel

Eliminating Single-Use Amenities

The change we're making isn't just about replacing a toothbrush or a comb; it's about transforming your attitude towards travel. Since 2020, LDC Hotels & Resorts has ceased providing single-use amenities proactively. Instead, we offer shower essentials in reusable containers, encouraging guests staying for two nights or more to opt out of changing bed linens and towels. We invite travelers to join us in reducing unnecessary resource consumption, leaving behind only the most beautiful scenery and memories during their journey.

Implementing Comprehensive Carbon Audits

Carbon management is the fundamental first step in global net-zero initiatives. Understanding one's own emissions footprint is crucial for planning effective carbon reduction strategies. In 2020, LDC Hotels & Resorts initiated carbon work, conducting carbon footprint assessments and greenhouse gas emission audits. This endeavor aims to further plan efficient energy-saving measures and carbon reduction strategies within the supply chain, conducting a comprehensive examination of our carbon footprint.

Replacing Plastic Bottles with Sparkling Water Dispensers

Since 2019, LDC Hotels & Resorts has been using Bluepura Italian sparkling water dispensers and glass bottles to replace plastic bottled water in guest rooms. This switch aims to provide a more refined drinking experience while addressing the issue of plastic waste generated by convenience. By reminding ourselves to drink water every day, we reaffirm that our lives can be more sustainable.

Reducing Food Waste

Would you believe that the amount of food waste generated by Taiwanese people in a year could build 50,000 Taipei 101 skyscrapers when converted into food waste bins? Through LDC's food waste initiative, a large-scale food waste machine has been installed at Fleur de Chine Hotel Sun Moon Lake to produce compost materials, which are then provided to the hotel's garden and nearby local farmers, creating a sustainable food cycle. Additionally, the buffet service at the hotel has transitioned to a last 30-minute ordering system, and any leftover ingredients from the Michelin-starred restaurant are utilized in the staff cafeteria. This encourages both guests and staff to cherish the abundant ingredients from nature together.

Ecological Guided Tours

"Look, kids! This is the home of a pangolin!" From the interactions between tree species, the daily lives of conservation animals, and the use of edible and eco-friendly herbs, to the two large ecological tank art installations created in the lobby using native, endangered Quercus acutissima species and rare moss, Fleur de Chine Hotel Sun Moon Lake regularly hosts ecological guided tours. These tours take travelers on a leisurely walk to glimpse the magical charm of nature.

Negative Carbon Footprint Accommodation

Ever wondered how much carbon footprint a one-night stay at a hotel generates? According to the results of carbon footprint audits, LDC Hotels & Resorts has launched the "Negative Carbon Footprint Accommodation" initiative at both Fleur de Chine Hotel Sun Moon Lake and Palais de Chine Hotel. Guests can opt to purchase carbon credits at an additional cost to offset the carbon footprint generated during their stay. Additionally, LDC Hotels & Resorts will purchase an equivalent amount of carbon credits, not only achieving carbon neutrality but also contributing to a negative carbon footprint. By working together with travelers, we aim to make tourism more sustainable.

Local Revitalization and Geothermal Power Generation in Maple Valley

In Yanping, Taitung, the hometown of the Maple Valley Baseball Team, lies a treasure in the valley. Collaborating hand in hand, LDC Hotels & Resorts and The Taiwan Cement Corporation Green Energy have created the "Vakangan Hot Spring Park," combining geothermal power generation with hot spring tourism. Through deep collaboration with local partners, we introduce travelers to indigenous culture and offer them the opportunity to savor exquisite cuisine made from local ingredients. The park also serves as a platform to showcase locally-made products and strives to nurture local youth talents, fostering symbiotic prosperity with the region.

Making the Taroko Gorge Marathon More Sustainable

Run for Nature: Running for Nature! LDC Hotels & Resorts participates in organizing the Taroko Gorge Marathon, working together with the organizers and partners to ensure that the event becomes more eco-friendly and sustainable each year. From reusable wristband water cups for hydration to paperless race result certificates and participant manuals, and from recycled and reusable race apparel to connecting with initiatives that aid African countries with shoe and life-saving activities, we invite runners who love challenges and the beauty of nature to join us in actively caring for the most beautiful gorge trails through action.

Sustainable and Everlasting Low-Carbon Wedding Banquets

In life's most significant moments, beauty, emotion, and memories are presented with the deepest sincerity. In an era of personalization and sustainability, LDC Hotels & Resorts introduces sustainable wedding banquets. We invite you to choose from our low-carbon, locally-sourced seasonal menus and experience exquisite service in an elegant setting, satisfying your desires while ensuring deliciousness doesn't go to waste. By reusing wedding decorations and utilizing paperless invitations and menus, we not only provide a luxurious experience but also demonstrate care for the environment.

Supporting Chin-ai Music in Composing Life's Melody

Established in 2014, Chin-ai Music, located in Ren'ai Township, Nantou County, is the only string orchestra in Taiwan composed of indigenous children. LDC Hotels & Resorts has long been attentive to local education in Nantou, providing economic resources and stage experiences through events like Christmas concerts to accompany these angelic melodies on their journey to the international stage. The children, fueled by their passion for music, practice diligently every day. Their perseverance bore fruit when they clinched the World Champion title in String Ensemble at the Vienna International Youth Music Festival in 2017. LDC Hotels & Resorts continues to support Chin-ai Music through action, aiming to help ensure the success of the orchestra and pass down their experiences from generation to generation, nurturing the future of indigenous communities like a continuous cultural river.

Guarding Sun Moon Lake with the Clear Lake Action

In May 2020, Sun Moon Lake experienced a severe drought, the most severe in 50 years, causing the once azure lake water to recede, revealing dry, barren soil and various debris and objects buried at the lake bottom. In response, the staff of Fleur de Chine Hotel initiated the "Clean Lake One-Mile" activity every week. From the roadside to the lakeshore, they picked up discarded plastic bags, fishing waste, cigarette butts, and broken bottles and cans. By the end of 2021, they completed a full circuit around the lake, collecting a total of 1.1 tons of garbage. To this day, Friday mornings have become a regular Clear Lake Day for the staff of Fleur de Chine Hotel, inviting guests to join them in wholeheartedly protecting this precious treasure of Sun Moon Lake.

Collaborating with Tribal Partners to Create a Suspension Bridge Dining Table

On a cool summer night, under the bright moonlight, atop the century-old Lu Ming Suspension Bridge, colleagues from LDC Hotels & Resorts, along with partners from Vakangan Hot Spring Park and local indigenous businesses in Yanping Township, Taitung, collaborated to plan three evenings of feasting. Inviting guests from all over Taiwan to admire the undulating mountains of the valley, listen to the breath of nature, and experience the blessings of the earth, they also gained insight into the food culture of the indigenous peoples. LDC Hotels & Resorts continues to deepen its roots in the local community, establishing partnerships and planning various activities to allow visitors to Yanping to experience the warmth of the tribe and take away memories filled with laughter.

Adopting Friendly Farmland to Protect Land and Ecology

The first step in LDC's sustainable agriculture work is to get closer to the source of food and preserve the surrounding ecological environment. Fleur de Chine Hotel has adopted the "Friendly Farmland" in Dou Nan, Yunlin. It is cultivated without pesticides and chemical fertilizers to ensure farmers' income and encourage more farmers to join the ranks of friendly farming. The ecological environment has also improved, with environmental indicators such as the Crested Ibis and Black Kite appearing one after another. Chefs from the hotel also visit the site to learn about planting and harvesting, as well as maintaining the fields, and then bring the harvested rice back to the hotel's restaurant for guests to taste the healthy flavors.

Restoration of Italian Landmarks

Palazzo Portinari Salviati, a 14th-century palace in Florence, Italy, is where Dante and Beatrice first met. It is not just a building but a work of art, a poetry collection, and a house filled with symbolism and imagination. The journey of restoring Portinari Salviati by LDC Hotels & Resorts has been long and challenging. It represents our commitment to preserving art and humanistic spirit, hoping to share history and imagination with travelers and ignite the artistic renaissance of the 21st century.

Palais de Chine Hotel Guided Tours

Palais de Chine Hotel, established in MMX (2010 in Roman numerals, where M=1000 and X=10), places travel as its centerpiece. Along the trajectory of history, starting from when humanity first mounted a horse 6000 years ago, it narrates the sentiments of leaving home and the original intention of seeking hospitality. Palais de Chine Hotel offers guided tours for guests, taking them from the Parisian streetlights on the streets of Taipei to stepping into castles, where they can listen to the carefully curated stories behind the beauty from different times and spaces, embarking on a journey of civilization brought about by travel.

International Butler Training Program

Elegant lifestyle sensibilities, cultural and historical awareness, and a composed demeanor are all essential qualities for a professional butler at LDC. LDC has introduced international butler training content to cultivate butlers who can handle different situations and service environments, making hospitality not just monotonous but a vibrant experience.

Comprehensive Skill Training

In a world where technology rapidly evolves and faces threats from climate change, LDC provides employees with training content that keeps pace with the times. From AI drawing to carbon management knowledge, as well as comprehensive sustainability awareness, LDC hopes that employees can confidently face the future in both their lives and careers.

Beyond Five-Star Program

In an era where the service industry faces a shortage of talent, LDC is committed to realizing its promise of value-added cultivation for employees. For many years, it has continuously promoted the "Beyond Five-Star Program," from training reserve executives to encouraging employees to initiate innovative project competitions. LDC is dedicated to helping employees develop their potential and become dream achievers in their careers.

Workplace Care and Inclusivity

LDC hopes to create a safe and warm working environment where employees feel cared for, regardless of their backgrounds. For immigrant employees and foreign interns, LDC provides hometown-style meals in the employee cafeteria during festivals or irregular periods. Additionally, during the fasting month of Ramadan, adjustments are made to work content to accommodate the lower energy levels of colleagues who observe the Islamic faith, striving to meet the diverse needs of all employees.