The Explicit and Beyond — A Letter from the Innkeeper

It is the intellect of a culture to understand history, and the soul of mankind to quest for art. With intellect and soul we seek to transcend both culture and history. During your stay with us, the Palais de Chine Hotel invites you to experience a blend of intellect and soul, history and culture. When the explicit dissipates, our ambiance illuminates the history of human cultural advancement over the course of time. Surrounded by the esoteric art of the Orient’s literati and graceful beauty of the Occident, guests will make new discoveries, as well as gain enriching inspirations.

Ever since the domestication of horses in the Eurasian steppes about six to seven millennia ago, people began to travel and trade. At the Palais de Chine, guests can roam through rooms that recreate the excitement of the Ages of Discovery and Exploration, as well as find inspiration with the Age of Enlightenment when Western beliefs meshed with the inner tranquility of Eastern philosophy. Adding to the enchanting charm of the Palais de Chine is the Unicorn, a mystical and gentle mythic creature, symbolizing the hotel’s staff, our “Dream Makers”, with their selflessness, strength and grace.

Throughout your visit, we encourage you to share in the uplifting motto of the sixteenth century Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V: “ Plus Ultra”, to seek Further Beyond. A stay at the Palais de Chine is an invitation to discover its many worlds within. The hotel’s sensibility of inner symmetry and beauty of the world has made it one for Taipei’s newest and most enchanting landmarks.

Last but not least, it is both pleasure and duty to make your stay at Palais de Chine the most satisfying and memorable you will ever enjoy.