Palazzo Portinari Salviati - Your place in history

A gem of timeless historic and artistic value, the prestigious Palazzo Portinari Salviati, located in the historic center of Florence and facing the Dome, from April 2022, will enrich the collection of luxury hotels and relais of the LDC Group in Italy.

House of Beatrice - Dante Alighieri’s muse - first, then residence of Cosimo I Grand Duke of Tuscany, the Palace assumed the current architectural layout only in 1456, when it was purchased by Jacopo Salviati, husband of Lucrezia De’ Medici, daughter of the famous Lorenzo the Magnificent. The Salviati family was the longest owner of the Palazzo, over 300 years, and was not only well connected with the Medici family, who inspired the Renaissance, but were also one of the most influential families in Florence, close to artists and intellectuals. Jacopo’s daughter Maria Salviati later gave birth to Cosimo I of Tuscany, whose statue remains in the Palazzo’s courtyard today. Over the years The Palazzo housed many famous guests including King Frederick IV of Denmark during his stay in Florence in 1709; in 1865, during the period of Florence Capital’s Kingdom of Italy, it was the seat of the Ministry of Grace and Justice.

Its charming history, which has its roots in the Florentine Renaissance, the precious frescoes and the exceptional location, with triple exposure overlooking the Florence historical center’s main streets close to Brunelleschi's dome, make it an authentic and valuable location. This exclusive Historical Residence, dedicated to the memory of illustrious historical figures, is the ideal place to retrace the glories of aristocratic families of the past and unveil the magic of Florence – the cradle of the Italian Renaissance art and culture.


Following a meticulous restoration work, the Historical Residence features 13 units, including elegant rooms and suites and luxury serviced apartments, furnished with style and equipped with every comfort. To complete the experience: fine dining Restaurant with Michelin starred Chefs in the frescoed Court of the Emperors, Lounge Bar in the Cosimo I Courtyard and Bistrot celebrating the Tuscany culinary tradition. In addition the Palazzo boasts 500 sqm SPA facilities including indoor pool with jacuzzi area, sauna, steam bath, fitness center and three treatment rooms, luxury boutiques, historical Noble floor 110 sqm for private exclusive events, a 40 sqm meeting room and a frescoed private chapel by Alessandro Allori.


The Historical Residence boasts 13 units, including elegant rooms and suites and luxury serviced apartments, each one unique and dedicated to the memory of illustrious historical figures from the Florentine Renaissance.
Décor varies while remaining very much in the classic italian style, with glorious fabrics and warm colours. Some suites, located on the noble floor, have original ceiling frescoes and marble fireplaces and the size of the room is very generous ranging from 65 to 120 sqm; others, located on the third and fourth floors have a breathtaking view of the Dome or the central Via del Corso.
The luxury serviced apartments are located on the third and fourth floors, the most spacious, respectively 110 sqm and 150 sqm, feature two bedrooms with the amazing view of the Dome or the central Via del Corso. All of them are equipped with kitchnette, living room and guestroom, ideal for residential and long stays.
Precious marbles in the generously sized bathrooms come in light and warm colours. The general feel is luxe classic Italian: warm colours, lush furnishings and sophisticated elegance.


The elegant Court of the Emperors is home to the fine dining Restaurant with Michelin starred Chefs, offering guests an authentic dining experience. The prestigious rooms of the Court feature frescoes dated back to the fifteenth century depicting Homer’s Odyssey that some experts attribute to Alessandro Allori, an important Renaissance painter whose works can be admired in the private chapel of the Palazzo.

While the Bistrot celebrates the heritage of Tuscany cooking, the Lounge Bar, located in the Cosimo I Courtyard, is the ideal place to taste the finest Tuscan and Italian wines or cocktails.