Your Health and Safety is our Priority

LDC Hotels have launched a set of comprehensive anti-epidemic measures to ensure safety of our guests as well as employees:

From now on, Palais de Chine Hotel, Fleur de Chine Hotel and Chateau de Chine Hotels installed UVC lights to sterilize the air-spreading viruses and germs.  Palais de Chine also installed FLIR Thermal Imaging System at the entrance to effectively test the fever in time.

We continuously implement our anti-epidemic works:

▪️ Measure body temperature for all hotel personnels and guests

▪️ Place hand sanitizer at each entrance 

▪️ Disinfect all areas especially elevators, handrails and phones

▪️ Sanitize all public areas and rooms with medical-grade UV germicidal lamp


Last but not the least, for your protection, all hotel employees will be wearing facemasks. The masks will block just the germs but not our hospitality! 

LDC Hotels thank you for your support and understanding. Keep clean, be cautious but don’t stop smiling.  


※Friendly Reminders:

▪️ If you experience any discomfort or fever, please contact our staffs as soon as possible so we may provide assistance immediately

▪️ For the latest news on coronavirus, please refer to website of Taiwan Center for Disease Control (CDC) (, call the 24 hours helpline at 1922 (0800-001922), or join the CDC official LINE (

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