Venice: The Eternal City of Water


Venice, a unique romantic water world without cars, has been mesmerizing the world for more than one thousand years. It is a city of reason, freedom and profit and yet it is also a place of culture and traditions. It attracts lovers, intellectuals and fun seekers alike. It leads the world with its social values and democratic political system by more than one millennium. Venice is also a place of art, music and museums as well as extravagance and decadence. Its narrow alleys and canals wind through beautiful and sumptuous old palaces and jewel-like basilicas and churches. It is a city of opposites and extremes but strangely in perfect harmony. Venice is still the most enchanting vacation destiny of the world.

Great and noble citizens of Venice and visitors, “Fun et beatitudo, cum sit tibi” (Fun and happiness be with you). Last but not least, “Pax tibi, San Marco.” (Peace be with you, St. Mark.)

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