Dolce Vita and Tibetan Welcome Wish

When our guests first walk into the lobby of A.Roma, they will immediately detect a delicate fragrance, which is made from 100% natural essential oil formulated exclusively for the hotel. The scent, Dolce Vita or Sweet life, is a balance between eastern and western joyful flowers and luscious fruits. It is modern but retains a touch memory of Italian High Renaissance. It is refreshing but also with some hints of eastern mystical calm and tranquility.

Behind the reception desk, there are four welcoming Tibetan words. Tibetan is one of the oldest languages in the East. Read from left to right, the words are pronounced “Ja Shi Delek Pun Sum Tsok”. Ja Shi is auspicious. Delek is happiness. Pun Sum is fulfillment. Tsok is abundance. Together it is a Tibetan phrase to welcome and wish our guests well.

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