Children of Sapori del Mondo

Sapori del Mondo or Flavors of the World is A.Roma’s main restaurant. We have brought together chefs from around the world to offer ten different international cuisines for our guest’s enjoyment. The ceiling of Sapori del Mondo is painted in gold with world maps of various dimensions dispersed across the surface to symbolize the ideal that all countries are equal regardless of size.

In the restaurant area, three statues of playful kids represent the inner child present in all of us, full of innocence and joy. The three children each exemplify one important characteristic of humanity.

First, the child with the mask and the fan suggests that one needs to be a learned and lettered person. The mask symbolizes western literature as it is often used in Greek plays. The fan represents the classic eastern scholar who almost always carried a fan. Second, the child carrying the two water buckets means that one must work with both integrity and diligence. Third, the child acting as a court jester represents our sense of irony to life’s events and that one should also be able to face the world with jest and humor.

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