A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel Design and Art Collections MMXV

Writings and art speak to us across time and space. They inform us about the nature, people, societies and cultures, their interactions and their stories from different places and different moments in history. It is the written words that have shaped our history and traveled across millennia so that we may always reflect upon them. Literature and art, the core of our civilization, address all aspects of the human experience and tell us about our society in its entirety, not only about the rich and the powerful.

The East and the West developed independently but also influenced each other. We have known each other throughout the millennia and yet so often we are strangers. It is and always has been a complex and uncertain process to reach across cultures. Only through repeated attempts at cultural translation and open mindedness may we begin to understand each other.

The cross-cultural exchange of art and words forms the basis of the design of the A.Roma Hotel and its extensive art collection.

A.Roma Hotel

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