Be a Sustainable Traveler!

Sustainable Travel: Go Beyond Carbon Neutral and Discover Carbon Negative Living!

Travel should be an enjoyable experience. Not just for you, but also for the environment and Planet Earth. To that end, we have implemented several eco-friendly measures, like introducing water dispensers at FDC facilities to cut down on plastic bottles. This year, we’re going a step further and introducing a new carbon negative package that guests can purchase to further lower the environmental impact of their stay.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

FDC has earned recognition from the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards and Commonwealth Magazine for its role in advancing sustainable practices.

For example, FDC facilities do not offer bottled water to cut down on plastic waste and they have acquired more compost machines. FDC dining and catering establishments are committed to sourcing local ingredients that can be traced. FDC also regularly organizes cleanup events and advocates the use of reusable utensils. Our organization also regularly spreads awareness about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as well as Life Cycle Assessment practices. FDC facilities also recycle water and use high-efficiency appliances.

FDC’s Fleur de Chine Hotel at Sun Moon Lake was the first five-star establishment in Taiwan to earn a CU-GSTC certification. Fleur de Chine also earned ISO50001 certifications this year. FDC is committed to social responsibility and local harmony in all its planning and operations.

This year (2022), FDC will offer, for the first time ever, a carbon negative package to its guests. Travelers who opt into the program can rest easy knowing that the carbon impact of their stay is minimized.

Carbon Negative Living: An Introduction

FDC teamed up with Taiwan Cement to assess its hotels’ resource and energy consumption, as well as evaluate its public facilities. After two years of thorough examination, it’s estimated that a stay at Fleur de Chine on average generates a carbon footprint of 150kg CO2e.

Effective immediately, anyone booking a stay at Fleur de Chine can opt into the carbon negative initiative. Those staying at Fleur de Chine can choose to pay NT$47 per night to help offset the environmental impact of their stay. FDC will not only use those funds to purchase carbon credits but will also match the amount and purchase additional credits as well, so your stay will be carbon negative.

*Those who opt into the plan will receive complementary seed paper and a digital certificate as proof of purchase.

How does the carbon negative package work?

FDC will work with Climate Impact X, a Singaporean carbon marketplace to acquire carbon credits issued by the ARC REDD+ Project. All purchased credits will be VCS certified and go toward helping to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals. Primarily, the credits will help preserve the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil.

The hottest 2022 travel trend is giving yourself and the Earth a carbon negative experience. Enjoy yourself in an Earth-friendly and sustainable manner!

All funds used by FDC and its guests to purchase carbon credits will be accounted for in its financial report audited by accountants.

Be a sustainable traveler!
Aside from reducing plastic bottle use, you have another options!
FDC invites you to purchase carbon credits to offset the environmental impact of your stay!

“The power of imagination makes us infinite.” – John Muir, Environmentalist